My List For Best Way To Save On Your Power Bill For 2019

My List For Best Way To Save On Your Power Bill for 2019.

Your power bill can relay add up fast and cost you big time.

There are so many ways to save.

It all starts with everyone in your house  leaving off lights when not in the room.

Having a program able  thermostat for your HVAC system.

Thermostats are low very expensive  and you can even go a step further and get a WiFi  thermostat and change the temperature where ever you are.

Making sure all doors and windows are closed also make sure your weather stripping it good on all doors and windows.

Make sure your attic is insinuated well.

Turn off any electric items that not in use.

Install dimmer switches so you can dim the lights.

use ceiling fans to move the air in the room to help heating and cooling.

If you don’t live in a humid climate get a swamp cooler to cool off your house.

On your HVAC system make sure you change your air filters.

Keep the coils on your HVAC system clean.

Up grade your HVAC system to a new one with a higher sear to save $$$

If you have a pool run your pump on off peak hours.

If some states power company’s have smart meters that read you meter all of the time charging you the highest rate.

Some power company let you opt out from having a smart meter so your meter must be manual read saving you big time.

Replacing old  appliances with new one the use less energy.

Instate your garage door.

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